Mother's Day is Almost Here...and it's Time to Let the Love Shine!

Light up and display mom's favorite memories for Mother's Day and years to come! String Light Covers take popular string lights to a whole new level with custom, personalized lighting - indoors or outdoors.

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Take Your String Lights to a Whole New Level with Patio Light Covers!

We’re thrilled to announce the official launch of Patio Light Covers! There’s no denying that proper lighting is essential in the “mood” of any setting. From home to hospitality settings like restaurants or hotels to entertainment venues or sporting events, the lighting just has to match the desired ambiance. String lights have become very popular because they’re a simple, affordable way to customize the lighting just about anywhere. They’re easy to hang, easy to move and offer a quick solution for special events. But it gets better! We designed Patio Light Covers to take the benefits of string lights to...

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