String Light Covers

String Light Covers (SLC) were inspired while I was sitting in a downtown Park City restaurant looking out over the streets and feeling that there was something missing. All the string lights were missing some personality. I went into design mode. After a year of experimenting with different shapes and forms in my design software, I stumbled onto the perfect geometric shape.

A Diamond! The perfect, elegant, stunning shape that created a 2.5-inch diameter landing area for a personalized image or logo. When I filed for the patent, I found that the idea had not been developed yet. It is pending now and soon to be final with international coverage. The Polycarbonate material is the same as your automotive headlight clear lens. Tough, durable, clear, dishwasher-safe, UV resistant and beautiful!

Endless Options  

Initially, I imagined people personalizing SLC's with images of pets, family, friends, weddings, birthdays, etc. I quickly realized they're also the perfect marketing/branding tool, too - Professional and College Sports, Events, Food & Alcohol Brands, Restaurants, Bars and Hotels, etc. 

Send your images, and we'll create your vision for you!

Each box comes with 24 String Light Covers.